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Default Re: did not see this one coming/now I know...

Originally Posted by monstrol View Post
I have been using some odd 1/2 inch glass table tops to glue up
segmented rings thinking that the surface is smooth and flat, will
clean up easy, and not stick to the squeeze out. After gluing up
last night I went to true up the ends this morning and when I went to
take the half ring off the glass a big chunk stuck to the squeeze out
on my joint. Titebond 3 was the glue. Here is a pic. Anybody else have
squeeze out stick to glass enough to pull out a chunk of the glass?

I am sorry but I did not even know that it was possible. Can you clean the chunk of glass that came out and use some version of crazy glue to put it back? If not it seems that you either have to replace the entire piece of glass or find a way to make that divot some kind of feature. However, I think you will need to pull out a few more divots to make it look good and then I do not know what that will do to the overall integrity of the glass. Good luck.

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