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Default 12" titanium marquetry saw

In my copious amounts of free time, just rattling around in the shop with nuthin' to do (if you believe any of the foregoing, you need professional help), I was able to get together with my water jet guy and we worked up a prototype of the aforementioned saw.

Remember, this is still in the development atage, but here are some of the particulars:

9.7 ounces.
Tensioning creates the same pitch tone as the 3" frame.
Brian is taking it to D.C. over the holiday and showing it to Don Williams (one of the main guys behind the Roubo translation about marquetry).

On another note, I have been discovered by the Luthier crowd (musical instrument makers), and they are loving the rigidity of the 3" for doing shell inlay. I am attaching an image by Chuck Moore of:
that is the head stock of a ukelele (you can see the four holes for the tuners). He told me that the inlay took about three hours.

Lee (the saw guy)
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Lee (the saw guy)

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