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Default Re: Split Top Saw Bench

Thanks one and all!
Sorry but me and Sketchup don't mix...I turn to woodworking to get away from the computers.
This was strictly intended to try out an idea. As such it was entirely by the seat of my pants. I just knew that every time I tried to do a rip cut on my Schwarz/Popular Woodworking design saw Bench it felt awkward, and I was constantly hitting the legs with the saw. The bench needed to support the stock better. My first experience using Draw Bored Joints was as I was building my Roubo, the strength of those joints really impressed me. I got to thinking that if those joints were used, then two separate parallel saw surfaces could be built and draw bored to solid feet and it might be strong enough. This was constructed using the cheapest wood I could get my hands on just to try and see if it would work. It did, and I have since added some holdfast holes on the two top surfaces. So good, the bench is rock solid and supports even very narrow stock and long rip cuts.
The saw in the image is a Disston D8 Vintage Thumbhole Ripsaw that I customized (desecrated) to fit my hands, then re-finished.
The only dimension of the bench that was planned was that of the height which matches the height of my Schwarz/Popular Woodworking bench which is 20" high. The overall width is 11 1/2", the length ended up being 30". The space between the two tops ended up being 1 5/8" and the feet are 17 1/2".
After milling, the stock 2Xs ended up being 1 1/4" thick.

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