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Thanks Tiralie,
I did not design this job, though I typically have a bit of input on the engineering, etc. There is an architect for this project. The parts rack is a Jowi and I love it. they are expensive, but so well made. This one folds up to about 18" wide, and rolls with a fingertip, fully loaded. Much nicer than the Hafele rack.

Joraft, "illegal" as regards parking is probably not the right word, and it depends on the neighborhood. On this street, you can get away with loading if someone is with the truck, but you can't leave the truck for any length of time without getting a ticket. But further downtown, I did a project (Wall St. area), and we were not permitted to stop for any reason, to unload. I didn't have a choice, so we had to accept the $120 fine. I split it with the trucker. The traffic cops, and NYPD regular cops are sometimes at odds. I've had a real cop tell the traffic cop to "move on and let this guy do his job". It can be very difficult to work in Manhattan. The last day on this bubinga job, Obama was 4 blocks away in Union Square, they were lighting the xmas tree at Rockekfeller Center, and Justin Bieber was there too. You take the gridlock warnings seriously. But I still like the work here!

Thanks again for all the responses.
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