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Default Re: Shaker(?) Bench Build...

Originally Posted by Poto View Post
Very cool, Bigfoot. Thanks for taking the time to document the build.

By "wrapped in maple" for the top, do you mean the sides of the benchtop, or the top of the bench? I guess I'd worry that it could separate from the underlying LVL, or not be as strong. On the other hand, a maple top could be easier to flatten.

I'm noticing a distinct lack of Festools in your shop. Should we take up a collection for you? You know - to help out the poor, needy, and Festoolless.
Ha ha! Yes a collection for a few Festools would be splendid! I'll take the track saw first. Follow that up with a Domino... thanks!

Oops, by wrapped I meant to say the sides and ends. The sides being glued on. One end has the Moxon attached, the other end is bolted on for expansion, or in case I want to add some other accessory at a later date.

The LVL is an experiment. From researching, I've seen this used on other benches and reviews are favorable, but I know this stuff moves quite a bit. You sand it smooth and a few hours later all those little veneers raise up and down like a cheese grater. Trick is to seal it right after you've planed and finish sand it.

Let me know when you need a shipping address.

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