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Default Re: Shouldn't pass without mention

Originally Posted by RogerSavatteri View Post
good morning,,,,,

OK, Since this is turning into the go-to thread about Hide Glue - I should bring up that there is a very good book about Hide Glue available from Tools for Working Wood
called Hide Glue: Historical & Practical Applications by Steven Shepard.

I remember liking it when I read it, I seem to recall the author writing about it like it was a new religion with the same fervor as a true believer. (in a good way, but a little wordy)

Gosh, now I have to dig it out and reread it!

Hide Glue: Historical & Practical Applications at Tools For Working Wood

Review of book,
Hide Glue - Historical and Practical Applications by Stephen Shepherd | Norse Woodsmith

Author's website, (look at his blog),,,,, and a nice selection of links.

I've got that book & I highly recommend it. It seems almost sacrilegious if building or repairing traditional old furniture not to use hide glue although I still have difficulty bringing myself to use frick'in slotted screws instead of more sensible torx head, etc. PVA glue is a flash in the pan when compared to thousands year old hide glue.
I really enjoy using it hot however the (big) drawback always goes back to the short open time when doing any but the simplest glue-ups. I always make sure that I have a helper available -- I suppose the old masters had an apprentice or two available. As I understand it, one of the earliest tasks was to make the apprentice responsible for maintaining the glue pot so it was always hot & ready when needed.
I'll miss the aroma (wife says "stink") but I'm looking forward to trying cold Old Brown Glue.

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