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Default Re: Shouldn't pass without mention

Chris could use an education about a couple of things... but ya know... even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

For the record he's not a fan of the Bowclamp. Yet.

Usually people who are not fans, are not fans because... they fall into the bone-crusher camp.

Chris is just ignorant.

Like many, he just is unaware of all the different uses for a Bowclamp in a wood-shop. He thinks they are for panel glue-ups. Only.

My point is this:

Even if you wouldn't use them for a panel glue-up (although you should) there are still a hundred reasons why you should have Bowclamps in your shop.

Hello bone-crushers! Come on in... the water's fine.

We do veneering, marquetry, inlay, cabinet assembly, edge banding... the list goes on and on.

You can't be crushing every glue-up? Can ya?

edited to add: Not you Chris... him Chris.
Bowclamp "good caul"

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