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I'm only doing a small portion of the veneering. When we were looking for a suitable material for the client, Scott Roberts, at Robert's Plywood on L.I. suggested we look at this bubinga he had. There were 12 sheets total, and a few bundles of veneer from the same log. I bought all 12, and a bundle of veneer. We will veneer some 1/2" multi ply that will go into some hollow cantilevered shelves w/ buried steel rod. We need the 1/2 thickness for that. The cases are pre-finished maple ply veneer core.

The bubinga sheets have an mdf core, and the price was about $12.50 a foot, $400 per sheet. This is much cheaper than I could lay them up for, in that quantity.If it came to it, I would have panels custom veneered locally, instead of laying them up myself. We do a lot veneering, but not in that quantity. There is a shop on my floor with a pretty decent veneer saw, and I have had Roman (the proprietor) seam up bundles before. We did a pile of Zebrano that worked out well.

Roman's veneer saw.

Poplar backer, and zebrano veneer for a furniture project.

I went for three years without doing a kitchen, and now I've done two back to back within 5 blocks of each other, since July. The other one, in the W. Village, is black dyed ash, with a large, heart pine island counter. Sounds odd but was quite pretty. Still working on pics for that one.

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