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Default Bubinga Kitchen

Hi folks,
I uploaded some progress pics to an album talkFestool - Cricket's Album: Bubinga Kitchen and Living Room
Unfortunately, the file size must be too large, because they loaded up small. I can't remember where I saw what the file size limits were. I think my files are all less than 100k, and no more than 850 pixels in either direction. Anyway, I'll see if I can post one here from my own url. If it works, I'll post some more.

Ashok finishing a small cabinet. The client wanted to eliminate the natural red color of the bubinga. You can see the stain color on the turntable that we used to kill the red. It brings out the browns and golds.

This is typical of existing conditions in most buildings here in New York. The walls common to the hallways are gyp block, and these interior walls (in the picture) are framed with heavy gauge steel channel, only 1/2" wide. A small target for fasteners!. We used the existing wood blocking, but refastened them to the steel channel. We also added ply pads togglered into the plaster, and glued with PL.

Some of the cases are installed. All of the interiors are maple, as are the drawers and pullouts. We job out the dovetailed drawers to another shop. I couldn't make a plywood box for what I pay for lacquered drawers, notched and bored for Blum Tandems.

Here's a rack of parts, ready for finishing.

Here's a close up of a small case, mitered together.

And a close up of a rack of finished doors.

I still have to build four glass stile/rail doors for the job, and install all the doors, toe kicks and fillers. Then its on to the living room. Bubinga paneling, credenza, and white laquered TV panel.

More later...
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