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Default Re: Against the clock

Interesting view Rick
Small pins have been around for a long, long time..before the router and dovetail jig was invented. Search "London pins".
I think the general view is jig cut dovetails can be done by anyone with ease these days, while hand cut is a whole other kettle of fish, especially if you are making a living from it and truely are up against the clock.
Being able to craft those joints consistantly by hand at a speed that is profitable is something that woodworkers pride them selves on, it's a symbol of skill and craftsmanship, that will live in the furniture for the life of it.
I can also understand the flip side, where profits are getting hard to make these days, and "short cuts" are the order of the day.
Personally, if I have the choice, it'll be hand cut all the way
just to edit: there's nothing wrong with jig cut dovetails

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