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Default Re: Against the clock

Originally Posted by trident98 View Post
After seeing the first photo with the watch my comment would be to get rid of the watch. You'll end up cutting your finger off trying to make up time. If a nicely cut dovetail drawer takes an hour it is what it is. You may get faster the more you do. I agree with Rick in that dovetails are for strenght and most of the time they are not shown. I would much rather spend the extra time on the outside visible areas of the project.
The point of the exercise was not to work fast, but to work efficiently, and to experience what it means to be continually working. In reality what usually happens is that I work for about an hour, at an unhurried pace, check on the family, slip back into the shop, then after another hour, have a coffee or sharpen a blade .... I try not to hurry - after all this is just a hobby. However I was curious to see how the other half live and work, and to get an estimate of what is reasonable to expect working the methods I do.

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