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Default Re: 2011/09/30 - WIA 2011!

Originally Posted by joraft View Post
A lot you know, Peter, we had dinner at a cafe along the river, and tasted our way down their extensive list of Kentucky bourbons (okay, Fred didn't get very far down the list, and he's passed out in his room ).

I don't believe I've ever tasted 120 proof bourbon (Booker's) before. It was good, but the 80 proof Maker's Mark is my favorite so far.

It's kinda slow around here tonight, so the staff has been pretty chatty. We got a lot of good tips on local food and drink.

Right now, I'm getting ready to head down to the lounge. I'm sure there must be some ladies down there just dying to meet a cool guy from L. A.

I'm sure they are. And what will you be doing?

What's the weather like?

Mike, I get in around 5:00 tomorrow.
I don't have as many Festools as Fred. Or Marcou's, or Brese's, or Lie-Nielsen's, or Lee Valley's, or Blue Spruce's, or Harold and Saxon's, or...
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