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Default Burl hunting

I am fortunate enough to have: chainsaws, 4x4, and friends who own land with trees on it. I periodically go out looking for downed trees or things I can use on the lathe. I won't cut standing and healthy. There's enough damaged, fallen, standing dead, whatever, around, that I can keep plenty supplied with that.

Sometimes you get lucky. About a week and a half ago, I had a tree service guy kick a log off to the side for me. I'd only mentioned in passing that "if you ever see something like this" - and I got a nice, about 50lb, burl from a white oak. I spent some time cutting that, and (I'm trying to stock on pen blanks at the moment) got about 60 blanks out of it, once it was all cut. Naturally, there's a lot of loss to bark, bugs, voids, what have you.
Then Friday I was at my inlaws and my FIL says there's a big maple out by this pasture that just went down in a wind storm, do you want to have a look. Ok sure. At first glance, it looked pretty ho hum. There was one area that seemed enough of a maybe that I grabbed his chainsaw and cut a piece out, took it home, chopped it up.
Went back Sunday with my chainsaws.
It runs the gamut of names you could label maple with. Burl, swirl, mineral stained - it got to where I was like ok, I'm only keeping the really good looking stuff. And I got over 200 hunks 1x1x6", out of that. I can't wait to get some of it dried and turned.
That's the bulk of it. Waxed for now.
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