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Default Re: Spray Equipment: Air powered conventional/HVLP vs. Turbine HVLP vs. Airless vs. A

I've been reading about multi-stage vacuum /blower motors, the things that power better vacuums like Festool and Miele, and particularly HVLP turbines.

Apollo was one of the very first manufacturers of HVLP turbines and they make a point of using "...the best quality, all aluminum, ball-bearing motors, manufactured in the USA by Ametek-Lamb."

When looking at blower motor supply catalogs I often saw Ametek-Lamb motors listed as being made in Mexico. And then I found this:

"One of the oldest, largest American motor companies in the world, located in the good ol' USA. Their motors have stood the test of time and have an impeccable reputation, and we still believe their motors are rock-solid. They've always been favored in the central vacuum field.

"Within the past 5 years, competition has given them (Ametek-Lamb) a run for their money. Because of the general decline in the U.S. economy, they've had to relocate some of their factories to Mexico. When we spoke with them last, our jaw dropped after finding out even WORSE information. They are transferring the majority of their production facilities over to China soon. What happened to being built in the good ol' USA? It's because labor over seas is cheaper than it is here."

If you go to that link you'll have to scroll down to the second or third article to get to the Ametek-Lamb bit. You'll have to go past the article that announces that the company (ThinkVacuums) has signed on to be the exclusive US distributer of the Domel, the German manufacturer of blower motors that is kicking Ametek-Lamb's butte.

Are manufacturing wages in Germany really lower than wages here? Or is something wrong with the administration of manufacturing companies here?
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