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Default Re: Spray Equipment: Air powered conventional/HVLP vs. Turbine HVLP vs. Airless vs. A

I don't understand why HVLC is rated as having less overspray than airless either but what can you go by other than anecdotal testimony and industry literature? It's pretty much impossible to compare apples to apples. You'd have to have the best guns and tips for each system and they all cost hundreds of dollars each.

So I just do a lot of reading. One example of the anecdotal testimony: paraphrased....a guy bought a good HVLP outfit and loaned it to a friend with a good conventional spray outfit. The friend sprayed one side of a door with one kit and later sprayed the other side with the other kit. Both sides looked great. The guys were shocked to find half as much material left in the conventional cup as was left in the HVLP cup. Presumably they'd both been filled to the same level to start.

I've never used conventional spray guns myself but I've watched an expert spray in a very high end spray booth. There was a lot of overspray but it was well managed by the booth. I didn't have the means or space for even a crappy booth so I went for HVLC. Even so, I was kinda shocked by how much overspray there was at first. Turns out I was using too much air.

Graco has a new line of "Fine Finish Tips" for their airless sprayers. Small orifices and narrow fan patterns. They fit the RAC X tip. Graco also has a hopper accessory that can replace the stinger.
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