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Default Re: Spray Equipment: Air powered conventional/HVLP vs. Turbine HVLP vs. Airless vs. A

Because it's a sealed system, you can leave your lines charged for months. The only time I ever flushed a line was as I was switching between sealer and top coat, and I would use the next finish to flush the previous one out. I didn't even bother cleaning my tips most of the time. I simply reverse the tip so fluid flowed backward and let the high pressure lacquer purge the old. Of course I did periodically drop the tips into a jar of thinner, though.

I am not familiar with air assisted, but my first reaction is that it is a gimmick that was created for people believing some of the misinformation about airless. The added air does not atomize the product. That is done at the spray tip. Orange peel is caused when the product has partially dried before it hits the surface. The addition of air would increase this, not decrease it.

Not all airless systems use a stinger. I wish I hadn't sold it to my dad, but I originally owned a hopper feed sprayer that would be more effective these days because I don't spray as much as I use to. However, your finish won't evaporate very much while you are spraying, so that isn't really an issue. The lacquer vapor is heavier than air, so the top of the can will be lacquer vapor, not air.
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