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Default Re: Spray Equipment: Air powered conventional/HVLP vs. Turbine HVLP vs. Airless vs. A

Originally Posted by RickChristopherson View Post
I won't use anything but an airless for lacquer. I once let someone convince me to use a conversion gun on a project I was editing for American Woodworker Magazine and that was the last time.

When you have to thin the material, you also make it more prone for runs. The airless delivers nothing but product to the surface, whereas the air driven delivery is putting more air than product at the surface. This air has to go somewhere. It bounces off the surface of the workpiece, and with it, it carries the VOC and product with it. There always seems to be comments saying airless sprayers produce more over-spray, and I have no idea where this myth got started. It's completely the opposite, and anyone that has spent time using both type will tell you that.

Because nothing but product is being delivered, the build is much higher and faster. For a high build, I shoot one coat sanding sealer and one or two coats of top coat. Anything after the first top coat is just to get a better surface. There is no need to apply more coats solely for build.

The trigger and spray tip are the most crucial parts to an airless. The pump doesn't need to be top of the line to produce a good finish. This means you can get into an airless system without breaking the bank, but spend the extra money on good quality tips. For your small pieces, use a finer tip with a lower pressure. There are even tips that are adjustable.
Thanks for the feedback. What about cleanup? I use ONLY conventional (non catalyzed) lacquer. If I always keep the gun and hoses (entire system) loaded with product would I need to cleanup assuming I spray every few days? I rarely clean my current pressure pot system's gun and hoses. I just keep them full of lacquer, brush off the residue on the tip and keep spraying the next day.

I'm thinking of trying a cheap Airless or Turbine just to see but I'd hate to get a bad impression from junk.

In Air Assisted Airless, would the advantage be a better atomization and less orange peel (easier flow-out)?

One thing I DON'T like about Airless is that it's a stinger (pickup) dropped in a bucket. I don't leave my lacquer gallons uncapped for various reason including:
1. cleanliness-I don't want the lacquer coming out of the bucket (i.e. spilling on the floor) and I don't want debris landing in my clear lacquer.
2. evaporation-I use a pressure pot (sealed) and I don't get much evaporation or film skimover on the top. If I left it open, I'd get both.

So, I need a sealed system to put the material in. Would I have this possibility with Airless or AAA?

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