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Default Spray Equipment: Air powered conventional/HVLP vs. Turbine HVLP vs. Airless vs. AAA

I have been using traditional lacquer for several years now and have used only conventional air guns to spray it. I started with Binks 2001 copies and have switched to using an Iwata HVLP with a pressure pot. The pressure pot doesn't make much difference but that I don't have to keep filling my cup all the time. The Iwata is a nice air powered gun and I'm pleased with the results.

But now, please school me on the differences and what to expect if I switch to:

1. Turbine HVLP
2. Airless
3. Air Assisted Airless

I spray instruments so I don't need fast huge area coverage. I use a full size conventional air powered gun right now and I like the control I have with that speed. I don't like touchup guns. But I don't want something designed to spray a barn either. So... that's the background. I spray a glass level table top style finish built from several thinned and wet coats of lacquer with my current air powered guns.

Now, the reason I'm even asking this:
The PDS and the can of most lacquers by almost all major manufacturers mentions Airless as the first/preferred method for applying the product. It seems that most lacquer manufacturers design product viscosity with Airless in mind and some don't even mention conventional guns in their application data sheets. I use the lacquer in my conventional/air powered equipment, BUT I have to thin it at least 50/50 or I get solvent pop (bubbles) with a coat wet enough to flow out.

Curious if I should make a switch. I don't like thinning if I don't have to. That wastes thinner (it is like evaporating my money with every bit of thinner I add), it also requires more coats to get the required film thickness, less coats = less spraying time, I'd also guess it takes longer to cure since more solvent (from the thinner) has to leave before it's cured. Lastly, adding thinner messes with the formulation of the lacquer and I don't like that either.

I'm curious what you guys have experienced in spraying?

EDIT: I should add this is for CLEAR coating only. I am looking for a good system for clears. I will still use regular guns for colors/tinting/shading.

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