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A surface grinder consumes grinding wheels like corn off the cob mainly because one needs to dress the wheel often, if consistent results are to be had.
I would apply the following to either a surface grinder or your normal bench grinder when fitting new wheels:-
1) The ring test -hold the wheel on one finger and tap it with another finger (!)-it should "ring" and not make a solid sound sound. If it doesn't ring it is cracked and will shatter ....
2)In my case the plastic bushing is about 10 thou oversize for my machine so I have made brass bushings with the correct internal diameter of 31.75mm, so I just knock the plastic out and insert the brass.
3)These are Norton wheels and ever since they stopped sending me ones made in Australia I find that the ones made in China are badly out of true-they require dressing on the sides and the working face. Runout of up to 40 thou is not unusual and must be corrected. Pictures show ....

The last picture is a chart which explains what all the numbers etc mean on those wheels.
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