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Originally Posted by Poto View Post
Thanks Philip. Do you think your lungs look like the outside of your grinder?
No, I breathe through my nose, which is a filter.....And I don't talk to myself , sing, or talk to anyone else when I am working ie I keep my mouth shut and breathe through my nose.
Seriously, judging by the results when blowing my nose, none of those nubs are getting into me....I would see black , er , matter on the tissue.
But wood dust is another matter, and the inbuilt filter can't cope without external assistance.
The grinding fluid kills all the really fine dust. If you don't use this fluid you can actually taste that metallic flavour-which means the nasty nubs are getting into the body. I don't like that metallic flavour.
Incidentally: brass fine dust smells and tastes like onions.....
Philip Marcou
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