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Originally Posted by Poto View Post
It's amazing how the two pieces vanish into each other, Philip.

I notice that the cover on your grinder is nubbly and black. Is that from grinder detritus, or was it made that texture/color? What comes out of the tube that points at the thing being ground? Just air?
Yep the grinding process produces millions of small nubs, which conglomerate on all surfaces within range. In fact the whole exterior surface of the machine is coated in nubs composed of grinding dust. I only clean it down occasionally as the act of washing off the dust can cause it to get into places where it causes damage. Only the magnetic table surface is kept spotlessly clean as particles can scratch the work and even raise it a thou or so.
Surface grinders are dirty and that is why it isn't in my shop proper. In dedicated engineering tool rooms they go to extremes preventing that dust spreading.
The tube sprays grinding fluid onto the work-also reduces dust spreading.
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