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Originally Posted by Poto View Post
Michael, as I've said before, you are a truly awesome researcher!

The problem with a Japanese circular blade is that it would bend. Japanese saws work because they're in tension when making the cut. A circular blade would be in compression, and it would fail pretty rapidly (as anyone who has bent a Japanese sawblade could tell you).

One of BCTW's operating principles is that the tool should not create fine sawdust (or at least, the sawdust should not get into the air). So I'm not sure about these new-fangled motorized things...
Blade stiffeners might work.

Here's an idea, some kind of channeled air current that would convey dust through through some kind of filtering medium like cheesecloth. Maybe a blower fitted to a stovepipe, powered by foot peddle, or, even better, an electric motor. I don't know, it sounds kinda sucky.
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