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Default Re: A new joint?

Originally Posted by MichaelKellough View Post
This solves the problem I always had with that kind of lap joint, that the parts could twist at the joint, but it also significantly weakens the overall load carrying ability of the members. Which may or may not matter in your application.

It does look pretty cool. Here are a couple of router bits that could make it easier and neater.

It would also be a good joint to start on the JointMaster.
Those bits would work, Michael, though you'd have to be careful of the depth of the plunge. You'd have to make it so that the shoulders of the cut were exactly the width of the crossing piece of wood. I'd rather do it in three stages, to allow flexibility: left shoulder on each face, right shoulder on each face, central dado on each face.

I'm betting that there are quick and dirty jigs that you could invent (using scraps from the stock you're using) that would give you perfect accuracy every time, without measuring anything.
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