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Default Re: Sesquipedalianism

Originally Posted by Mirko View Post
Dan, I also took the Dale Carnegie course and it was a life altering experience for me! I will never forget it!


Same here. In more ways than one.

What's not obvious when you take the class is that they have several objectives. The obvious one is making you a better speaker. The more subtle ones include helping you see your own "magic" and giving you more confidence.

A key criteria for a Dale Carnegie instructor is the ability to look past the surface and see a student's hidden qualities, and then to compliment the student in a way that helps the student recognize those qualities. Many people have this ability, but rarely use it. Of the ones who do use it, most have difficulty expressing it to the other person. Typically, they are afraid of embarrassing themselves or the other person. It's this relatively rare quality that makes the instructor so valuable.

Quick story...

In my class, one of the students was a kid who was maybe 19 or 20. He was so nervous when he got up to speak in the first session that he started picking his nose. It was pretty embarrassing. However...

After several weeks, several of us started going out for a beer at a local watering hole. It turns out that the kid was pretty funny - a natural comedian. So one night, to jerk his chain a bit, we bugged him to stand up and tell jokes. So he stood up by the table and started throwing them out. Since he had several classes under his belt, he was pretty comfortable speaking then. He was good; I mean really good. I laughed so hard, I thought I'd have a stroke! Then, people at other tables starting watching him. After a while about half the people in the bar were laughing their heads off.

If it isn't obvious, I'm pretty gung ho about the organization.



p.s., just before my last contract ended, I met a Chinese fellow from Beijing who was in the US for training. I happened to mention Dale Carnegie. He said (in a heavy Chinese accent), "Yes, I've read his book." It took several minutes to confirm that we were talking about the same guy and same book.

The next day, I brought in my 25 year old copy of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" to show him. He said, "Yes, that's the same book. Only mine is in Mandarin!" It turns out that the book is used to help Chinese professionals understand Americans and how we think!
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