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Default Split Top Roubo

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As many of you know, I have ostensibly been working on building my bench. To say the least it has been a slow process but for two fairly decent reasons. The first and probably the least of the two is that my right knee is in terrible shape and as of right now it is going to be scoped on Aug. 22nd. The second and biggest reason is that I decided to build it using hand tools. It has been slow but it has also been a blast and my hands skills are substantially better. Of course my planes have been used everywhere but the tenons I cut out with saws and then shoulder and rabbet planes. The mortises I have in initially drilled out with a hand brace and some old Russell Jennings auger bits. After that I used my mortise and paring chisels. The long shallow dadoes I cut with my router plane.

What you will see below are the outlines of the base. I still have to build the shelf and install the Glide which is what I am working on right now and then finally the top and the wagon vise. I have pictures of almost all of the work in progress but I did not want to post it if I was just boring people so unless I hear otherwise I am just going to post the four pictures below until I get something else finished. I hope you all enjoy iy.


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