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Default Re: Fred's Latest Plane


Three days ago, I received this beautiful plane from Ron. It is so beautiful and works just as well as it looks. Last night I used it on some Tasmanian Myrtle for two hours and it was a joy to use. It is just slightly bigger than the Lie-Nielsen number 3. Like the LN the sole is 8 inches long but the 812-50S is 2 5/16" across and where the bronze LN weighs 4 lbs the 812-50S weighs 4 lbs 4 ozs. The LN is also bedded at 45 degrees whereas Ron's is 50 degrees. To be fair you can buy a 50 or 55 degree frog for the number 3. However, there are several things that I favor in Ron's plane over a LN or LV plane aside from the fact that it is made by Ron. First, when Ron makes a plane is tolerances are phenomenal tight much more so than you will ever get with a mass produced plane even if they are as high quality as LN or LV. Secondly, Ron's planes are truly ready out of the box and finally they are works of art imbued with the heart and soul of the maker. You will never go wrong getting a plane from Ron plus he may be one of the nicest guys in the world although Jameel, Konrad, Bob and Raney sure give him a run for his money.


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