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Originally Posted by Poto View Post
It looks like you used a lot of glue, but didn't get a whole lot of squeeze out. You only needed to clean up near the corners by the look of it.
I'm reading between the lines, but I would guess that you think Derek had too much glue on his pieces, right? I was quite pleased to see how much glue he had used. (I'm getting old; we haven't had this discussion before, have we?)

For the longest time, I couldn't understand why so many woodworkers on the internet were always complaining about the short open-time of their glues. Were they just working really slow? Then I finally realized how prevalent it was for many people to apply their glue in super thin coats on both pieces of wood, and more often than not, even using a little brush. It's this thin application of glue that results in such short open times.

To see this effect first hand, take an eyedropper of water and put equal amounts on a smooth surface in two puddles, but spread one of those puddles out into a thin layer. Now observe how long it takes for each of those equal volumes of water to evaporate.

As for cleanup, it should never be more than just wiping up the corners. Use a clean wet rag, and make sure your rag doesn't have a lot of glue already on it from a previous joint as you work. Driving glue into the pores is usually a result of using a hardly-dampened rag. Use a bucket of water to clean your rag and wring it out so it isn't dripping wet. Roll the rag opposite to the direction you are wiping so you are not pushing glue ahead of the rag like a snowplow.
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