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Default Re: Brass and Exotics Dovetail Markers

Thanks Poto, I'm trying, I dream of one day having a woodworking school/tool factory in a 19th century building in Philadelphia, employing a group of people and helping to revive craft in America...I have no idea how exactly to go about this; I make some tools, or replacement parts (short rods and cutter for the Record 043) for people that message me on the OldTools list or forums. I'm hoping that these markers are the beginning of that journey.

I might as well get some surprise going, I'm working on designing a line of fine, tang pairing chisels in the style of Charles Buck. I've been reading about the old Buck Bros. plant, they had something like 9 employees when the three brothers first started the company, it's very inspiring. I want to bring that back.
Trevor Walsh
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