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Default Re: Glueing up.

That's a tricky glue-up Derek, there's a lot of potential for things to go panic stations on that
those shelves can be glued in, no worries. The grain is going in the right direction for it to "move" with the cabinet sides (just as the top and bottom will). You need some Bowclamps Derek
The drawer supports need fitting to allow the sides to move freely. Just glue in the front and a screw is all that is needed.
When I clamp dovetailed cabinets, I cut the depth of the pins a whisker short allowing the tails to protrude on the top and bottom for easy clamping. When dry, I plane it all flush.
That's a well done glue-up derek, and very calmly done by the looks of it!
I'm always a bit nervous with these types of glue-ups
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