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Default Re: Some days I should stay in bed!

There was more than one comment on the forums that this posting of my errors made others feel much more relaxed about their own work. This was my intention here to show that we all make errors, and rarely are they permanent. Most are recoverable. In any event, no one is perfect or should expect perfection. Just enjoy your time in the woodshop.
Onto the next time.

Regards from Perth

Thanks for the post. Great job on those hand cut dovetails. I assume they are because anyone having hand planes can grasp the use of chisels to cut dovetails. I used to do them by hand but..... well I'm in a hurry sometimes. Ya it's sometimes good to hear others make the same mistakes, most of us can relate. Not all though there's one whose name is well ... it starts with a P and ends kind of a 0. Perfection every time.

I've cut a panel in the same manner that you describe. I too put a filler in but by the time the project went too far that panel was tossed. I've cut dovetails on the wrong board making the tails showing on the drawer opening side. I was going to let that go until I realized the drawer was now the wrong dimension to fit the opening. Those boxes are still here someplace collecting dust. Someone who gets the job of cleaning this place after I'm dead will have to trash them because I can't.

What is that wood similar to? It almost looks mahogany.
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