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Default Re: Jewelry box and Marquestry


When I saw this thread I remembered you getting into veneer and your desire to do smaller projects. That is why I wanted to post this.

This is as quiet and dust containing as your Joint Master or John's heavy iron (sorry John - I haven't mentioned anything in close to a year).

Since I posted I thought about Ron thinking about how to improve and make this better. A spring below to force the blade up. I cable connected to a treadle to be operated with the foot to pull it down. UHMW plastic dovetails for accuracy, a better angle locking system. Maybe even for the most simplistic change, an offset accessary handle for the saw.

With your attention to the littlest detail, your endless appetite for knowledge, your patience, and your artistic abilities, this is just another thing that you could be world class at.

PS. When you get into this and start searching for the perfect part of a piece of veneer for a particular spot, cut a circular hole in a piece of cardboard no bigger than a quarter. Put that over your veneer. You will be able to focus on the details.


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