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Default Re: Jewelry box and Marquestry

Below are images of a very simplistic table I cobbled together to cut veneer. I am not a big jig builder, so it just had to be functional. The table is tilted to 10 degrees which based on the thickness of the veneer I have and the blade I had been using was enough to close the kerf when gluing up. This table is designed to cut with the piece going in a clockwise direction with the blade at the left hand edge of the good piece assuming that the piece to be inserted is on the top.

And before anyone notices, I could not find a fret saw blade, so for illustration purposes I chucked in a piece of wire. The setup cuts easily with veneer. All you have to do is place your fingers under the handle and lift up. It will cut by itself on the downward stroke.

Hope that this gives you guys some ideas.


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