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Default Re: Jewelry box and Marquestry

Originally Posted by trident98 View Post
Fred, I sometimes combine marquetry and inlay as in this guitar. The flames in the body are a double bevel technique as shown in Steven's book. The headstock is mother of pearl and abalone that is an inlay. I have Larry Robisons's book The Art of Inlay which is another very instructive source especially for guitars but it works for other projects as well. The mother of pearl is cut by hand with a jeweler's saw and 3/0 blades. It can take 1/2 hour just to cut one small piece but the effect is so worth it. I cut out all the pieces, glue them together and then inlay into the stock as one piece.

What a beautiful job on the guitar. I went out and bought some of the books you spoke about in your first post and they have some great information.

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