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Default Re: Brass and Exotics Dovetail Markers

Originally Posted by TrevorWalsh View Post
If memory serves I think St. Roy is in the pins first camp?
Sorta..."Then he lays out the tails by first marking the half pins at the edges of the tail board." But, he "likes to cut the tails first when he can, and he strikes his baselines with a cutting gauge set to the thickness of the work plus 1/32nd."

Found a review of the very demonstration I saw, and a photo of it as well.

Here is the really interesting part I forgot, "To transfer the shape of the tails onto the pin board, Underhill uses his dovetail saw. He places his tail board on top of his pin board (which is clamped in a vise). And then places the dovetail saw in the kerf and scores the end grain of the pin board. It's a light mark. Too deep and your saw will jump into the kerf when you are sawing out the pins. You actually want to saw in the waste next to this line.

Then he draws the shape of his pins on the pin board and cuts them with a dovetail saw. To remove the waste between the pins, Underhill uses a coping saw, which he lubricates with mutton tallow."
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