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Default Re: Ingredients for six chairs

Yes, these are the curved back chairs i've made in the past.
12legs, 24back rests/slats (4 on each chair ).
Not all the parts are here, corner blocks, seat parts etc.. They will be upholstered.. One part of the job I dred.. I've upholstered quite a few chairs but consider myself a complete novice. I could out-source that part of the job, but the upholster charges quite a bit, and it really eats into my profits.

The FMT is one jig I wouldn't want to be without for these chairs
I'm also still a novice with the spray gun, and find it easier to spray these parts before glue-up.. That means having to mask the joinery areas. Theresa lot of joinery in six chairs, so a ton of masking... but I prefer that to struggling with it all assembled.
I could rub an oil finish something similar on, but it just doesn't hold up as well, and the table that goes with these was sprayed.
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