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Default Brass and Exotics Dovetail Markers

As backstory, I've wanted to make some brass DT markers for forever, I'd had some pieces of brass left over from my machining days. These were doing to become brass jaws for my small horizontal milling machine.

Anywho I filed, drilled and mounted them to cocobolo (for a dual slope 1:7 and 1:5) and ebony (for square and 1:7). I overshot the countersinks so the screw slots still show, but I'm confident I can hit it next time.

Here are the pictures, I think the ebony with square is a better design. you don't have to fuss with a square and marker; and you can't accidentally switch angles while working. The wooden one there is a prototype for the second run of these. I'm buying 12 feet of brass bar because it's cheaper there than buying small quantities online. I also have to stamp the slope into them yet.
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