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Default Re: The worst 3 words you can hear

Originally Posted by Mark View Post
Of course there's three shades of black
We have black.
then there's really black.
Then ,Hey I'm not kidding this is really black! black

Is that picture 7 years old
and is that a hang on the wall tv?
If it is, either time is going really fast
or I just realized there is such a thing.
Because honestly I just got one of those
I thought I was up to date now.
On the other hand I just got one because
it's affordable now because next week
they are going to introduce one that
you can jump into and be a part of the movie.
I guess that there are three shades of black should come as no surprise as we have about 40 shades of white. I remember the first time years ago when my Dad asked me to get him a pint of white from our basement. I grabbed the first one I saw and was shocked when I was told that I had the wrong white.

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