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Default Re: Shinex is coming- Shinex is coming

Originally Posted by joraft View Post
Good review, Leaky.

The Shinex looks pretty good, and I'm sure it's up to Festool's usual high quality standards. I'll likely be ordering one after my Porter Cable 7424 wears out, although there's no sign of that yet, even after 5 years of heavy use. I've really been happy with it.

I'm also very happy with the Meguiar's line of polishes, compounds, and pads. However, they do have so many different products it can be very overwhelming. I suggest visiting their site and watching their videos (helpful whether you use their products or not).

Back when I got my PC I also ordered a DVD titled "How To Use The PC For Showcar Results" with Mike Phillips. The DVD is 2 hours long and was a huge help in sorting out the different products, and how to use them. Now that I've learned a little more about what I'm doing, the kind of finish that I can get on my cars is amazing.

Mike Phillips is no longer representing Maguiar's, he can now be found here on Auto Geek. He's one of the true gurus of auto detailing.

I've had good results with some of their products too. One trick I learned when I worked at a BMW dealer is to cut Meguiars plastic window polish[for those always opaque convertible rear windows made of plastic] by 50% with a very clean, mild liquid wax. You won't work the pollution off the plastic or clean the UV damage out of the plastic any faster, but you really tend to get a more "crystal clear" back window when you're done since the polish is now much finer in grit than when you started.
It's always nice to see out of the back of a once non-visible plastic window on a soft top when you're done.
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