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Default Re: Shinex is coming- Shinex is coming

Originally Posted by Leakyroof View Post
I doubt I can add much to what Dan Clark has written in his 2 part post. He covers it all in-depth. So much of success in cleaning and detailing your vehicle is based on using what's worked for you, and NOT reusing or reliving what didn't.:p
From a DIY level, we won't kill any polisher or a pad for it from the infrequent amount of usage that we'd put into it as compared to a pro who's slamming cars out the door on a daily basis.
Once you find a price level and quality level you're happy with, you tend to stick with that brand since damaging the paint on your car, truck, or BOAT, would be painful on many levels.
I've used lots of pads and products over the years, I tend to give Griots Garage my money at this point since I get a kick out of what Richard Griot does for his customers, and how he runs his business. I could just as easily spend money with 3M, or someone else that's huge and established.
One side note about pad usage with the Shinex, the max size capacity is listed at 6" or 150mm. I don't know if that's to protect the machine for warranty purposes, or is a real figure that Festool would like us to abide by when polishing. Only Shane H. and company can fully answer that.
The Shinex LOOKS like it could run a 7" or 8" pad, but since I only own 6 inch pads, that's all I have to worry about in using it.
Have fun in your garage-or in Laurie's case, out in the hot sun with a HUGE side of Gelcoat to attend to...
I did read over Dan's postings -- he's the man & very complete on details. I'll just be interested to hear your (and Laurie's) experiences with it.
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