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Default Re: Shinex is coming- Shinex is coming

Originally Posted by Leakyroof View Post
This is the lint filter covering the venting grill, there is one on each side. Accessed with removal of the single screw, which looks like a #2 Pozi-drive[how German] If you run with alot of felt and sheepskin pads, this will save wear and tear on the motor.
The infamous green speed control dial needs almost no explaining-:p
It does seem to be "German" to use the better fastener. Until last week I thought the fastener itself was German...

"The Pozidriv, sometimes misspelled Pozidrive, screw drive is an improved version of the Phillips screw drive. It is jointly patented by the Phillips Screw Company and American Screw Company. The name is thought to be an abbreviation of positive drive. Its advantage over Phillips drives is its decreased likelihood to cam out, which allows greater torque to be applied."
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