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You said yesterday:

“When the lock levers are unlocked you can grab the lock handle and pull it away from the jig on both sides which will free up the wedge plate on both ends of the template bar assembly. Look closely and you will see that just before the threaded portion of the template plate shaft there is a machined round boss that is what rides up and down the slot. With both lock levers unlocked and pulled away from the jig you should feel the same amount of play on the left and the right sides as they are designed and manufactured identically.

If you feel more play on one side than the other on your jig, while it makes no difference at all to the performance of the jig when the lock levers are in the lock position, just for giggles look to see what is causing the difference in the amount of play. On my unit the play is the same once the wedge plates are pulled the same distance away from engagement with the machined ramps on which they center the template plate assembly. It could be that on your unit one of the nylock nuts is adjusted tighter than the other which prevents the wedge plate from pulling as fully away from the machined ramps when the lock lever is released on one side as it does on the other.”

So after a bit of giggling, It appears you have missed the mark: Festool VS 600 Play2
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