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Default Re: Legal question about new products

Originally Posted by ticovogt View Post
The Harig is just a bit of a stretch for my budget (still waiting to buy tires for my Volvo).

I wish someone near me owned one of those machines. It wasn't long ago that there were machine shops aplenty in the Capitol District of New York. I don't need to grind that often but want things spot on when I do.

In the meantime, cool wheels on a slow speed grinder looks like a good move. The dang Tormek just has too many issues. Good for axes.
I can almost guarantee that every one of those shops had at least one Harig 612 grinder -- It was one of the first machines every tool shop bought... before it all went to china and those shops closed. There are still plenty of them around though and if you want things "spot on" that machine (with care) will do it closer than the tools you have to measure with.
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