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Default Re: Festool VS 600

Sorry for the negative tone of my previous posts. I do respect your work and many of the things you have done to further the trade.

My point I guess:
There seems to be an air of negativity towards Festool at the moment. It is in fashion to bash. Now I cant say that the latest release of tools has been Festool's brightest moment (ie Kapex issues). Now my last thread regarding my MFK base flexing wasnt the most positive but it was constructive to the point where I was trying to assertain if this was a wide spread problem. It was not. Thank goodness, because now I have a MFK on the way that does not have the problem and other MFK owners have checked theirs and have not had this issue. If they did/do then they would be getting a new one as well.
My kapex issues, and I have had them all, have all been solved either by Festool or by me. I would have rather had the saw perfect out of the box but it wasnt. I was dissapointed but saw the value in getting it perfect because there is no saw like this baby.
I don't quite see the value in your thread because the VS600 is a tried and true jig that has been around the block a few times and makes consistent tight fitting joints as does your jig. There has never been any issues regarding the locking bar or knob. I have never heard anything negative about the jig escept for the cost, but thats Festool, and not being able to do half blinds with 1/2" stock.
It seems like you are grasping here.

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