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Hi Mirko,

Ya, once a 356 gets into your memory banks it just won't come out. It is one car I would like to be able to buy new today.....hopelessly obsolete and surpassed in performance by even the most modest of econo boxes today, but nothing ever felt or sounded so right to me. One followed another all the way through the air cooled era for Porsche. I never warmed up to the vastly better water cooled models and always liked the slower 356s over the six bangers although the last Porsche to go a few years ago was a 73.5 911 FI Targa. Kerby, OR is a bit too remote and economically depressed a place to drive around in Porsches at least for now, but I expect there will come a day when I can feel right doing so again. When I can, I will.


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Ah yes... I love when you bring up the 356 in you anecdotes.

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