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It’s important in my opinion that anyone investing in anything have a reasonable expectation of just what it is their getting. The Festool VS 600 is not a cheap thing money wise, so it shouldn’t appear cheap or cheaply manufactured. It should at the very least perform to the highest standards.

On first glance the jig looks good, but on closer inspection the play issue is discovered and I for one would like to know if it should, or should not have play. If it should then one side of my expensive jig is not manufactured correctly because it doesn’t have any play. If it shouldn’t have play then the side that does isn’t manufactured correctly, regardless of how well the jig works.

If there is some designed play in the jig how is the purchaser to know what is the acceptable amount of play as there is no mention of play anywhere in the manual or Jerry’s fine work on the jig.
And what of the inlet on the 1010 hitting the knob, doesn’t that seem a little cheaply thought out? Your solution was to just twist the router a bit, but that’s in direct contrast to what the manual says about not twisting the router. . .

So my point is that if you’ve got 10 grand or so invested in Festool you get to talk and post videos about the things you just don’t see as right.

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