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I told you and Jerry told you how it works as for alignment. You yourself have stated that it works good and you get good joints. What is your issue. Do you or do you not have an impact on your dovetail joints because when the handle is not engaged you can wiggle the thing back and forth. What does it matter if you can on one side and not the other. Who cares if there's more movement than you are getting in the unlocked position, when it goes to the same center point when locked? I think Jerry's right about asking you to take the video's down. If something isn't working for you then let's talk about that and see what can be done. If it is working right then it's hard to see where you are coming from on this.

Originally Posted by JackRafter View Post

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I have a health respect for the work you do as a woodworker and helping to promote Festool, but please donít ask me to take down my video. Consider that 99.9999% of the people that get one will pay for it, they should know what to expect.

You said: ďWhat you show in your video is normal action when the lock levers are unlocked as they were when you did the video. There is designed-in play between the lock lever bolt and the slot cast into the lock mount. That allows the template bar to move easily up and down without binding to accommodate different thicknesses of workpieces

That statement begs the question, then why is there no play in the other side? A possible answer could be that the other side should have play, but then that would mean that that side is faulty. Either way somethings just isnít right.
Now my point here is not to bash Festool, on the contrary, itís to help Festool live up to their reputation.
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