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Hi Jack,

What you show in your video is normal action when the lock levers are unlocked as they were when you did the video. There is designed-in play between the lock lever bolt and the slot cast into the lock mount. That allows the template bar to move easily up and down without binding to accommodate different thicknesses of workpieces.

Look at the lock lever from the side of the jig. Notice how the lock lever has a cam on the base that pushes a wedge plate inward against the cast lock mount. The sides of that wedge plate mate against a same slope track cast into the lock mount on both sides of the slot. As the lock lever is tightened, the wedge plate mating to the sloped track forces the template bar to a known center on both sides.

When you mount the template, lower the template bar all the way down with no wood in the jig and lock both levers. That will center the template bar. Now mount the template by pushing it forward under the thumb screws so the adjustment wheels touch the front edge of the jig. Hold it there while you tighten the thumb screws to secure the template to the template bar.

From that point forward, any time you lock both lock levers, the template will be held in that exact registration. The under side of the adjustment wheels have a cam so as you rotate the adjustment wheel it will move the template in or out so you can create as tight a fit as you wish. Once set, the template will always return to the registration you set so your dovetails will always fit the same way SO LONG AS YOU SET THE SPECIFIED BIT DEPTH THE SAME EVERY TIME. If you alter the bit depth from one use to the next you will affect the fit of the dovetails.

If your work processes match the precision designed into the jig you will make perfect drawers time after time. Hope this helps and I would suggest taking down the video so others not familiar with the VS600 do not get a false impression of a really well made unit.


Originally Posted by JackRafter View Post

Actually, I like the jig a lot and I have been able to get good joints. I find it fast and easy to use except for those issues, and from my vantage point they are issues. One would think that for an entry price of about $800.00 you'd get better precision and not have things bump and grind each other, no?

As for the mounting bar, how can it be self aligning if it has play in it? The right side of the jig is self aligning because after you adjust the in & out with the wheel the position is maintained. The same can't be said for the left side. As the bar travels up it's moving and thus you can't be assured of proper alignment on that side.:smad:
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