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I've never noticed any quality issues in the final products (drawers I make). Have you not been able to make a good joint with it very quickly? I think it's great and can bang stuff out pretty quickly with it. I would like to point out a few of things though in consideration of your concerns.

1. The unit self aligns when you lift up and lock the handles in. The template should be pushed against the fence and hold down knobs tightened with the handles in the upright position (locked).

2. The router dust port will not hit the template hold down knob with just a slight twist of the router. Not a big deal to me.

3. I haven't had the dust extraction hood hit the stock alignment tabs probably just because I back the extraction hood off quite a bit. It may not collect dust as well the way I use it but it still get's a lot of it and clears everything. It's adjustable for things like this.

Originally Posted by JackRafter View Post
I’ve been putting the Festool VS 600 through its paces and have uncovered three issues.
The first being some play in the template mounting bar:
The two others involve the OF 1010 router and the clamping knobs:
Excuse the quality of the videos as I did them fairly quickly and also the links as there doesn’t appear to be a way to embed here.
If anyone has a fix for the mounting bar I’m all ears.
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