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Originally Posted by RONWEN View Post
I guess that I'll need to order something off of the net (in a reasonable quantity). What do you apply before the EM2000 to pop the grain? I would have thought the EM2000 being water based (or waterborne) would pop it. The General Finishes Topcoat also sounds good & something that I could buy in smaller quantities.
The EM2000 doesn't look as good as an oil finish alone. Target sells a water based Shelac, that they say will pop the grain and add some life to the finish. I haven't tried it, although I want to. I did try some of their new EM1000 sanding sealer, which I didn't like using (not easy to use, and made the top coats difficult). I think they may have had some glitches in the first batches
I have used just normal boiled linseed as a base coat to bring some life and colour to the wood, before laying down the EM2000. That oil really must be dry before laying down the waterborne topcoats. Kind of defeats the the whole object of using the water based products for me...
I think Eiji and others use Waterlox (spelling?) as a base coat, with good results. I haven't because it isn't available in Japan, and being an oil product can't be sent easily.
I wanted to try some of the General finishes, but I couldn't find anywhere that would send it to me, even though it's a water based product

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