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When I spray I always hold the air hose behind my back with my non-dominant hand to keep it out of the way and out of the finish. Always overlap your spray pattern to keep a wet edge. You will need to practice
To get a rhythm going and the material your spraying will dictate how fast and how far away from the surface you need to be. A neat thing about the hvlp guns is that you can quickly adjust from horizontal to vertical and also a round, pinpoint like spray pattern. By loosening the aircap retaing ring and adjusting the aircap . The horizontal pattern works well with sides and interiors of cabinets, the vertical pattern is used when spraying flat surfaces and the round is great for interior corners and stuff like balusters. When I am done spraying a water based system I unhook the gun from the turbine, remove the cup, take the gun to a scrub sink and turn the gun over and let water run into the material tube and hold the trigger open. When the water coming out of the tip is clear I turn the gun over and let the rest drain out still hold the trigger open, there will be some finish still in the gun so repeat until it drains clear. I then dry the gun and put the retaing ring,aircap,and spring plate into the cup with lacquer thinner when not in use. Donít let water sit in the cup. Keeping the guns clean is very important. Never put anything into the cup that hasnít been strained.! I always use cone filters and with water based finishes medium works well. I always use 2 filters together out of habit. Hope this helps.
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